Saturday, November 01, 2008 is Having Another Huge Contest

About six months ago, had a huge giveaway contest on their site. Well, now John is back with another great contest. Prizes are to be given away via a random draw on November 30. To accumulate points for the drawing, you must perform a series of actions detailed on their site.
Some of the prizes that they are giving away are cash, domains, parking credits, gift certificates and much more. I hope to be winning a prize or two myself, especially some cash. There is a $500 paypal cash prize from DNXpert themselves, and that would be a great prize to win ($500 buys about 70 domain registrations or one really good two-word .com domain.) I won 6 months free hosting in the last contest. Oh, and John promises that all who enter will win something, so you've got nothing to lose by entering.

Also, check out the DNXpert forum, where you'll find great discussion about domain names, and large lists of expiring/dropped names.